Truman Consulting is a private psychotherapy practice located in the Twin Cities Metropolitan area. Established in 2005, Truman Consulting provides comprehensive outpatient mental health counseling and services. Dr. Truman specializes in treating adolescents, adults  and couples with a wide variety of circumstances including depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties, grief and loss and other life changes. 
Patients come to the office with emotional or relational problems that they have struggled with for months or even years. By the time they decide to consult a psychologist, people have usually tried and exhausted their usual coping strategies for the problems they confront. As a psychologist, my role is to engage people so that they can approach these problems in new, more effective ways.
Psychotherapy is an active process of change. Making real and sustained change is a demanding process that requires compassionate, sophisticated and thoughtful care. Truman Consulting uses a variety of practical and proven approaches that are tailored to each individual’s unique situation. Each individual’s beliefs and views are respected and incorporated into the process of therapy to create long lasting and substantial emotional wellbeing.
Dr. Truman provides psychotherapy for adults, couples and adolescents. Parenting consultation is also available.
Care is available for a variety of problems, including:
Substance Abuse recovery
Relationship and marital problems
Parenting issues, including consultation regarding parenting grown or nearly grown children
Adjustment to major life changes
Health Psychology and adjustment to major health problems or changes in wellness